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quality first

made by 5 stars materials in price of 3 stars
designed to enjoy

years of experience transformed into product

best materials

safe, tested and certified designed specifically for blinds

easy in use

easy to clean and maintain

fitting in all windows

flexible solutions – a variety of solutions

operational safety

easy to open and close, laboratory tested

color, texture

the same texture all over the place, color batch to batch reproducibility


guarantee 3 years for all our products


longlife products

longlife products

knowledge and experience
Our clients change more often colors of the walls than our blinds!

Manufacturer/Producer, we buy all the fabrics, elements, components come directly from leading manufacturers located on the Polish market. Producers are being tested in terms of production quality, repeatability, and the properties of the materials themselves that declare. Over the years of experience we work only with those suppliers who guarantee the highest possible quality at reasonable prices. With the new machine park, manufacturers can develop and conduct research on new designs, materials and applications solutions. this is the only way to keep customers satisfaction. Poles are known for their traditional approaches to the life. We build our houses in 2-3 years in order to live in them and pass as a legacy of life for our children. The house is built using traditional brick and concrete because it must serve future generations. Polish market can not afford poor quality blinds.

  • company experinece

    5 years on the market

  • Positive Client reviews

    1% undecided

  • sold and installed our products

    more than 100K

  • best price on the market


Mr. Saving
Purchasing Manager
You can save a lot just buying cheaper.
Quality Control Manager
Each delivery is the same high quality, complaint never happen.
Installer / Fitter
All ordered products are ready to installations. Fits always exactly in their place. Easy fit, quick fit!
I’m happy. I don’t have to think about sun or neighbours.

we are Manufacturer/Producer

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